Eduardo P. Gomez

What's up!
I am Eduardo Procopio Gomez!

Fullstack developer with experience in PHP and JavaScript. I'm always striving to create a better world through technology.

About me

I live in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. I like technology very much and that's why I decided to become a developer. My main hobbies are programming and playing guitar.

My projects



A streaming app based on Netflix for my Computer Technician course. My team of 2 people managed to complete it in 15 days. The project turned out amazing and we surprised the professor, I hope maybe one day I will continue the project with my friend. It includes an app and a database to upload the videos.



The final project of my Computer Technician course. It consists of a Service Order system for vehicles. The project includes an app for clients, a database and a desktop program for collaborators.


I did a lot of research when making this portfolio, as I programmed it to rank highly on Google. The domain name was provided by FreeDNS and the code was done in React with Next.js. The idea was to test my skills, I was surprised with the result when I realized that the website even works on open-close cell phones.